our vision 

Founded by Alexa Ace and Coco Lashar, Gold Hand Girls is an empowerment platform for women in creative industries (especially music business). It's easy to become discouraged when you're the only one standing within your demographic, so Gold Hand works with you to prove that a woman doesn't have to work under a man to be successful. Gold Hand Girls is a way for women interested in the music buisness to gain experience by hosting their own Gold Hand concert in their local area. Hosting a show with Gold Hand Girls helps to encapsulate ones abilities to build a team, strengthen communication skills, event coordination, and build interpersonal relationships within their industry. Plus, who doesn't want to host their own badass concert? We are fortunate enough to already have had successful shows with incredible women in cities such as Oklahoma City, Fayetteville, Salt Lake City, and more.

Along with hosting shows, we at Gold Hand have recently expanded our platform to a blog, in hopes to reach more girls and give even more opportunity to those who seek it out. We are beyond proud of our collaborators and peers who have joined hands with us to create this blog; to write about music, intersectional feminism, mental health, fashion, travel, and more. We believe that females should encourage, empower, and engage one another through unique creativity and vulnerability, and we strive to be a platform where these qualities can thrive. 




Alexa Ace is a 22 year old music driven entrepreneur. Amongst studying for her bachelors in Music Business at The Academy of Contemporary Music, she's worked alongside companies and music labels such as Bella Union, Live Nation, Rough Trade, and Memphis Industries. Alexa is headstrong in fulfilling a career within London, the city she calls home. She is most inspired by the lack of women in the music business, and the legends that have paved a path for Gold Hand- including but not limited to Janis Joplin, Debbie Harry, Aretha Franklin, Madonna and Eva Tanguay. Catch her bundled with a music autobiography, or guiltily swooning over Sophia Amoruso's "girl boss."



Coco Lashar is a 21 year old student from Norman, OK, currently based out of Fayetteville, AR, studying and pursuing careers in both graphic design and music business. She is most drawn to audio engineering and production and has gained some internship experience at Electric Lady Studios in NYC and Blackwatch Studios in Norman, OK. Some of her greatest music influences are Patti Smith, David Bowie, Mitski, Grimes, Debbie Harry, Sonic Youth, and The Raincoats.You can most likely find her listening to a podcast, at a thrift store, or buried in a Barnes and Noble.  She is incredibly passionate about music, female empowerment, inclusivity, spirituality, and self-expression.