jamie pearl's photography makes us cry

Jamie Pearl is a 19 year old photographer based in Seattle.

She mostly shoots portraiture and is fascinated by the notion that no two portraits are the same due to the fact that no two faces are the same. Jamie loves film, digital, and analogue and owns over 22 cameras! 

Her work is f***ing awesome, and we're excited for you to see it. Actually, it's so wonderful and beautiful and human it makes us want to cry. There's a lot of work here, and we know you'll resonate with a lot of it. Keep this tab open on your laptop to look at when you need a muse, or need a visual refresher in the midst of a hectic day. Dig in loves!

London 1.JPG
London 3.JPG

(above) London,  London, England. Studying abroad in London was filled with endless photography opportunities. Inspired everyday by the beautiful scenery and high-fashion looks I saw, I kept my camera close by every second of my trip. 

(above) Location: Various. As elementary as it is, disposable cameras are one of my favorite types of cameras to shoot with. I use them when I’m on the go and can always count on them to produce a shot with liveliness and personality. 


(above) Location: Various. Call me crazy, but my favorite thing to do is walk around cities and photograph strangers. I always end up meeting interesting people with stunning looks and taking photographs that remind me why I am so in love with portraiture. 

Blue Lagoon 8.JPG

(above) Location: The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. These photos are from a 2016 trip to Iceland. The Blue Lagoon was absolutely stunning, thus I hopped in, waded around for a bit, but then quickly got out to begin photographing the setting's beauty. 

(above) Location: Seattle, WA. These photos were taken this past summer on a cloudy day at Lily’s super-cool boat house.


(above) projections

Grace Gow 3.jpg
Grace Gow 1.jpg

(above) Location: Vashon Island, WA. This shoot was for the amazing Grace Gow jewelry line. The shoot was inspired by the movement of water and landscape of Vashon Island. 


(above) Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  I took these photos on a trip to Amsterdam in 2016. It was my first time in the city so I did my best to capture the the personalities and scenery of the city. 


(above) Location: Lanai, HI. These photographs are from a trip I took with my friends to the quaint island of Lanai. Lanai was calm and quiet and I hoped to convey that through my documentary of the town. 


(above)  Location: Seattle, WA. Inspired by Laney Flood, one of the most talented artists I know, I decided to photographs Laney and then overlay her drawings from her sketch book. 


(above) Location: Seattle, WA. This shoot was inspired by the incredibly talented Irving Penn, one of my favorite photographers. I aimed to mimic his style of bold, up-close and personal type shots. 

(above) Location: Various. Film is my first love. Taking on a class on it my junior year of high school, I was immediately enthralled by it. Since then I’ve used B&W film mostly to capture portraiture of those around me. 

Jamie Pearl is a 19 year old photographer based in Seattle.

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