a selection of poems by katie hanneman

on and on…


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Life goes on

Amidst all the darkness

We must embrace each step we walk

Because tomorrow is not promised


Fear is a thief

It robs us of our freedom

We must escape the shackles of our minds

And face each inner demon


Happiness is a choice


Perhaps the hardest choice we’ll make

We must use our pain as inspiration

To find our way and plan our escape


divine femme

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She is gentle

Yet she is powerful

She is expressive

Yet she is patient


She is sensual


Yet she is pure

She is proud

Yet she is humble


She is wise


Yet she is discovering

She is emotional

Yet she is balanced


The divine femme


Lovely and bold

Her intuition guides her

Her heart, as good as gold




She runs wild and free

Spreading love and compassion to all

Passion is all she bleeds


the light

Enjoy where you are

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Even in your deepest trenches

Find the beauty in each rising sun

And believe in the power of your own forces


There is a light inside of you


The brightest you have yet to see

Swim inside of your deepest emotions

And seek the truth that lies beneath


There are mountains you have yet to climb


And words you have yet to speak

But your strength is larger than your fears

And your soul is craving to run free


Poet, Katie Hanneman

I am a 20-year-old Arizona native who loves to express myself through creative writing, mindfulness, and spirituality. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at Arizona State University, and have discovered my passion for teaching young children. As someone who has struggled with anxiety throughout my life, I have found how incredibly healing and therapeutic creativity can be. I began transforming my stories and struggles into poetry, and I have never felt more myself. I know what it feels like to lose yourself and find yourself again, and it is my absolute dream to inspire anyone going through personal life struggles.

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” Paramahansa Yogananda


Artist, Alex Rivas

Alex is a member of the Gold Hand creative team.

Alexandra Rivas is a graphic designer and photographer currently living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. A few of the things she likes are: bluegrass bars, color film, clean kitchens, birthday parties, dress-up games, and at-home haircuts. Two things she doesn’t like are: going to bed too early and waking up too early.

You can see her photographic work and follow her adventures on Instagram @lythmai.


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