Day after day, season after season, things change- it's inevitable. We grow in so many ways, yet somehow everything still seems to be the same. Everything, but us.

"oh dearest, oh dearest what do you mean?"

Yeah, you heard us.

We've moved on. Picked up a new book. Flipped the page.

Are you Gold enough?

This chapter will include new motives, new stories, and... new characters- from all across The US.

We're humbled to introduce these characters that are now our teammates. Our inspiration. Our... Gold Hand Girls. Please join us in welcoming NINE new women! Throughout the course of June and July you'll be introduced to each and every one of our glowing entrepreneurs. You'll hear their tales, read their words, and be in awe at their creativity. We sure are.

Gold Hand is now not only a music business platform, but an empowerment platform encouraging and introducing women of all creative professions.

At Gold Hand, our first and foremost goal is to drive the passion straight out of the women and into the heart of a stranger. Ultimately, it's to congregate women within the music business. So, we decided what better way than to blog about all things femme and introduce our readers to phenomenal women acts from all over the world.

Our first blog post will be out by June 8th, 9:00pm. 

Stay tuned to follow us @goldhandgirls where the ladies who wrote the post will be doing an Instagram takeover! 

All the best, 

Alexa & Coco 


(Badass graphic courtesy of one of our very own GHG team members, Averi Campbell)

Gold Hand Girls