Meet Our Fabulous Fayetteville Hosts Chloe' and Steffi!

College is weird. You go to class, you skip class. You pray your card doesn’t get declined at Chipotle and, if it doesn’t, you save the leftovers in your over-crowded fridge for as long as you can. You go (many, many) days without washing your hair. You win some, you lose most. You find yourself in a sea of new people, hoping to find at least one person who loves the same things you do.

It is rare to find people who are equally passionate about the same things as you, who motivate you to be better and go bigger, and who become companions in your professional journey. Chloe’ Strickland and Steffi Gibson have become this for me this past year.


These two girls, students at the University of Arkansas and our newest Gold Hand collaborators, have put their hearts into our Fayetteville show and are the reason it’s all happening! They are going to make some big waves in the music biz, and it has been a beautiful thing to watch them showcase their passions and talents through Gold Hand. I’m so excited to introduce them to the world, so without further ado…


Chloe Strickland (left) & Steffi Gibson (right)

Chloe Strickland (left) & Steffi Gibson (right)

  • Who are you, how old are you, and what University do you attend?

CHLOE’: Chloe' Strickland, 21, Junior Year, University of Arkansas.

STEFFI: Steffi Gibson, 19, Sophomore, University of Arkansas.

  • What is your DREAM job?

CHLOE’: My dream job would be to work at a record label either as an artist representative or in artist promotion. I would also love to tour with a band at least once.  (w00 groupie)

STEFFI: My dream job would be to work in an A&R department for a big record label- I love scouting out new artists for my own personal entertainment, so doing that as a job would be an absolute dream.

  • What is your position in the Gold Hand Fayetteville show? Does this correlate at all with what you one day hope to do?

CHLOE’: I am one of the Artist Representatives for GHG, which works out well considering that is exactly what I wanna do!

STEFFI: I am an artist representative for the Gold Hand Girls Fayetteville Show. I love that I got the opportunity to take this position because it is exactly like something I want to do later on in my career.

  • What kind of music are you into?

CHLOE’: honestly, everything except country (sorry.. kinda not really) I feel like my taste in music constantly changes. My go-tos right now are Hippo Campus and Wet... but also Kid Cudi and Childish. If it has a good beat or a good message, or both, I'm usually a fan.

STEFFI: I listen to a lot of old school and new school rap- actually, I listen to all kinds of rap. There's so many different styles and sub genres, the possibilities are endless. I just love it all.

Steffi posin like a true stunna

Steffi posin like a true stunna

  • What’s something people don’t know about you? Bare all. Life is short. (giggles)

CHLOE’: well, since you said "bare all"... I have two uvulas (the hangy downy thing in the back of your throat).. so yeah. you're welcome.

STEFFI: Most people don't know that my whole family is actually from the northeast. That might explain my taste in music, and, well, most of my interests for that matter.

  • What women inspire you and why?

CHLOE’: I am a big fan these days of Melody Hansen. She's an incredible artist and musician. Her work is so raw. I like her prints because they say everything I want to say. She isn't afraid to be real, and that is something we need more of in our culture today. Ever since Junior High, I have always loved Frida Kahlo's art and what she stood for. After a bus accident left her crippled, she began to paint. Her goal in painting was solely to "paint her own reality." She was an amazing example of a woman who never let her circumstances determine her fate.

STEFFI: Pretty much any women I see that have the courage to get out and go for what they want inspire me. It's great to see other women pursuing their dreams without a reliance on anyone else. In fact, it’s very motivating.

  • How did you two meet? Were you friends before Gold Hand? Has Gold Hand introduced andy new affirmative relationships in your life?

CHLOE’: I knew of Steffi through Pi Phi, but we didn't really know each other until we started planning GHG. I never would have known how driven and passionate Steffi was about music if it wasn't for Gold Hand. It's awesome getting to work with other women who want to do big things in music, and won't take no for an answer. I'm excited to see where the future takes each of us.

STEFFI: Me and Chloe' have met before through mutual friends, but only at the surface. Working with GHG really got us a lot closer than before. I've actually met a lot of new people since this whole thing started. It's cool getting to meet other people in my area with similar interests and career motives; it’s actually hard to believe I didn't know some of these people before this year.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CHLOE’: In 10 years, I want to have shown the world a solid group of artists who deserve to be known. There are so many incredibly talented people out there, that just need to be found. I want to find them and show people what they've been missin’. I want to help these people live their dream.

Chloe' gal bossin the cam

Chloe' gal bossin the cam


STEFFI: In 10 years, I can see myself doing what I love- which will be working in the music industry. I don't really plan on working in any other environment any time soon.

  • Beatles or Rolling Stones?

CHLOE’: Da Beatles baby

STEFFI: Beatles. Without a doubt. You can thank my dad for that one...

You can follow Steffi at @steffigibson and Chloe' at @chlostrickland

GOLD HAND GIRLS/ Fayetteville show will be held on April 14th, 7:00 PM


Written by Courtney Lashar

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