Acting Shady – Your guide to this seasons raddest accessory

by gwen rose harris


With Summer drawing ever closer and festival season well and truly upon us, it seems fitting to talk about the hottest accessory of the year: statement sunglasses. Sunglasses are vital through the hotter months, and festival season is the perfect time to experiment with your look, so it seems like the perfect solution to spice up your eyewear game whilst staying sun-safe. Here are just a few of the raddest trends you’ll be seeing lots of this summer.

Ultra slim frames 

 source: @georgekeburia on instagram

source: @georgekeburia on instagram

Who could’ve guessed these babies would have come back in fashion? Were they ever really infashion? Shades like this can be found in a handful of high street stores, but if you want the coolest, truly special frames, look to vintage stores and niche online retailers. 

Geometric frames

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 5.04.11 PM.png

Its clear that octagonal and hexagonal frames have become a huge hit recently, and for good reason. This quirky shape combined with a classic black lens is an easy way to elevate any look to the next level of chic. Team this accessory with a simple white tee & jean combo for some serious Top Gunaviator vibes.

Colour block lenses


This trend has been knocking back around for a year or so now, but there are some key colours that can be seen all over the shop this season. Say goodbye to last year’s pastel hues, and say hello to rich mustard yellows, ketchup reds, bottle greens and soft lilacs.

Cool Like Kurt

 source: urban outfitters

source: urban outfitters

Embrace some plastic fantastic vibes this summer with these classic wide oval shaped frames, donned by the infamous Kurt Cobain back in the 90s. Whereas some other trends might be difficult to match to your clothing/feel comfortable in, this shape is flattering to all faces. A classic tortoiseshell finish is a sure fire way to add some sophistication to any look, or opt for a tacky bubble-gum pink for a kitsch element.

Upgraded Oversized Lenses

 source: zeroUV sunnies

source: zeroUV sunnies

This summer, if you were going to go big, go bigger. There’s something so fun and quirky about wearing frames that completely enlarge your eyes as a feature and hide your identity. Go perfectly circular for a tougher, mod-esque look, or opt for a softer oval shape to add endless sophistication whilst seriously channeling the Olsen twins. Just watch out for the the tan-lines with these babies!

author, gwen rose harris

Forged from Diet Coke and hair dye, Gwen is a part time fashion design student and full time creative nerd. She loves to support her local music scene, and can often be found mysteriously hunched over a guitar. Gwen enjoys making stuff, glitter and listening to loud vinyl. She’s handy with a needle and thread, but can't be trusted with your house plants!

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