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Post-Grad Crossroads

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by Anna Montie

In the ongoing rhythm 

Of a world that belongs to everyone else

There’s you

Stalled by the consuming desperation of your suffering

And the cyclical haunts that swarm your brain daily,

You think

Surely there is no end

No ceasing to the turns of the heart,

To the yearning of your heart,

To such a senseless situation


When the other side of the story is unfathomable

And the other side of the story is unresponsive 

There’s you

Crying at a crossroads

Crying at your kitchen table

You, using your eyes for tears

For things, far from your control


Teardrops nestle into the creases of your hands

Wrinkles that epitomize wisdom and sense 

The rigidity and grit that comes with age

The permanence that accompanies change

Your hands relinquish their grip on your head 

Your thoughts are pulled from their luckless prison 

And you look at all you have overcome

All the understanding, manifested in your wise hands


The recognition of these imperfect humanities spark

The remembrance of life’s subtle beauties 

The rebirth of a softness of heart

No greater frustration exists than that that is unanswered

You tire yourself

You try so hard 

You are not enough for some 

You are not enough for some

You are more than these tears 

You are more than these tears 


With every tear you displace

You cultivate a braver face

Aimlessness subsides

Purposelessness becomes unjustified 

The poison in your heart 

That held you behind a screen


The goggles that blinded you 

To the world’s everyday wonders

Cast aside 

You forgot who you were

Shaken from familiarity

Pulled apart 

By the unyielding waves of change




Amid this realization, 

This ascent into acceptance

Part of you becomes vibrant again

When there is nothing left to do 

Don’t forget about all that is You 

When you are all that’s left of the wreckage

You are all there is left to prove  


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Anna Montie, Author

I'm Anna! I live in the very cool city of Dallas, TX and am looking forward to working with this cute, cute team of people. I care a lot about music and the culture that surrounds it, and am excited to have an excuse to write about such things. Here's to hoping I am able to write things worth reading and sharing. 


instagram: @acmontie

snapchat: acmontie

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Hannah Cunningham, Graphics

Hannah is a member of the Gold Hand Graphics Team

Hannah- also known as goose. A silly one who was built to roam. Lover of stargazing and singing in the shower. Avid Dr. Dog listener. She comes in colors everywhere. 

Instagram: @hannahcunningham

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