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You are you and that is your power

There will be people that will try and undercut your success, but you are you and that is your power.

If you know me at all, you know that I'm not really a competitive person against anyone but myself. In fact, I kind of find it a waste of time to compete. I've never really been into sports, or team challenges. Most all of what I do focuses on vital self strategy and discipline. What are you without personal goals? What are some of yours?


I'm writing this post today because it's only recently come to my attention that there are still so many women my age that are lost entirely.

and that's okay. I am, too.

However, just because you're lost doesn't mean you should look to others to find yourself. There is no race towards perfection. Every day should be a guide towards finding your purpose, and this is your reminder. It's taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that what I was given, is who I am. I am a women of opinions. I have cellulite and a sailors mouth and depression. There are days when my ambition is depleted entirely- when getting out of bed is the absolute last thing I want to do. I'm a hostess, a merch girl, and a full time student. This isn't entirely what I want to be, but this is what I am, and I am on my way towards fulfilling even my wildest dreams. 

I often think to myself "why did I have to be raised in a generation where it's so accessible, almost too accessible, to watch other peoples growth and success?" 

It makes me jealous, almost, to know that there are women across the world that don't have to work for a paycheck, and that live giant beautiful lives for the social world to see. 

The honest reality is that there will always be someone in this world that is smarter than you, that is prettier (by your definition) than you, and someone that is wealthier than you. There will be people throughout your journey towards success that will beat you to the punch line, and impress your boss on levels you didn't even know existed. People will step on your toes without apologizing, and also unapologetically take your sacred ideas into their own hands. 

You will still succeed. 



But first, you must accept yourself.

You must look yourself in the mirror and accept every inch of your body, and your being. This could take weeks, months, and maybe years. But you can do it, and maybe I'll even be here to do it with you. Give those "flaws" a boost for once. 

And I promise reader, whoever you may be, wherever you may be, that I'm not just here to give you advice. The reason that I write is so that you know you are not alone, and that you were put on this earth for a reason. I write for myself, so that I can look back when I'm feeling weak and know that there is a light even when I don't feel it. There is a light even when you don't feel it. 

Competition between women is intense. Especially in the age of the social. Though once you can accept that you are who you are, and that more people probably admire you than you know, you can say to yourself

"I'm okay." 

"She might have impressed my crush, taken my ideas, stepped on my toes, and is absolutely stunning..  but I am me and that is my power." 

You were put on this earth for a reason.

You are you and that is your power. 


Alexa Ace


Alexa Ace, Author

Alexa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gold Hand Girls. You can read more about who she is and what she loves on our "About Us" page!


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Averi is a member of the Gold Hand Creative Team

Averi Campbell is an art student, multi-musician, and all around music enthusiast. Any indie garage band or badass girl band puts her in a daze, and that sound has carried over into the music she creates herself. Music and art have played a huge role in her life and she is very fortunate to have encountered so many fearless and driven women, both in the arts and music industry, all which have impacted the woman and artist she is today.

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