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snap out of the slump: 8 ways to kick yr winter blues

Spring is (arguably) the best season this side of September. However, if you don’t make active
movements to appreciate it in full, it can come and go in what feels like weeks. Winter can
leave you in a sort of slump, making it even less natural to enjoy the beauties that spring brings.


As shameful as it is true, that slump can be shaken. Live by any or all of the following
suggestions/guidelines in order to snap out of your winter slump and live Spring 2018 with
gratitude and delight.

1. Buy a silk scarf- wear it well.

Studies show that adding a scarf/bandana to an outfit increases personal confidence by at least 15%. We don’t make the rules.

2. Listen to the soundtrack from ‘Rushmore’

reflect on springtimes past, smile at what’s gone by.

3. Bake something both special and challenging

like honey lavender macarons, marvel at what you have accomplished. Share those naturally gluten-free desserts all about town. (find a recipe here... you're welcome)

4. Open your windows as soon as you wake up,

don’t waste daylight.

5. Clean out your closet

not every spring trend from years past will carry over. Definitely go out and buy some new looks post-clean, you’ve earned that.

6. Find five new-to- you bands that are going to define the sound of Your Spring.

Choose wisely.

7. Buy fresh flowers on your way out of the grocery store

this is a certified game changer as far as elevating your rooms panache goes. Which is something we all strive for daily.

8. If the weather permits, go for a walk.

This one is pretty much non-negotiable.

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