by sam keeler

Plants! Who doesn’t love plants? They are beautiful, they give us air to breathe, and they make any room look about 10 times better. But something that I constantly find myself struggling with is keeping my plants alive. I love my plants, they are my babies, but I just don’t know how to keep them happy and healthy. 

SO thanks to some intensive googling and advice from a couple of fellow plant lovers, I have compiled a few things that you can do to keep your plants happy (and alive). 

When I started this list I soon realized that just about every plant requires different care. So with that, the first thing on this list is to read the instructions. If you buy a plant from the store odds are it comes with a little tag that reads something along the lines of “keep in low light and water once every 2 weeks.” If you lost this tag or it was never there to begin with, find out what type of plant it is and what it needs to survive. OK now we can get into the more basic of things:


Yes this matters, and yes this means that it is probably a bad idea to put your plant that needs low sunlight in your windowsill even if it looks super cute. Finding the right place in your room to place your plant is more important than you would think. 


This is a tricky one and usually the reason my plants don’t survive—and it’s not because I forget to water them. Rather, I tend to overwater them because I worry they aren’t getting enough water. After having a plant for a few weeks you’ll learn how often it likes to be watered, but a general rule of thumb is stick your finger an inch into the edge of the soil and if it's dry, your plant is probably thirsty. 


Yes this sounds weird, but your plants get hungry too. It’s a good idea to give them some fertilizer a few times a year. 

It sounds like this whole keeping plants alive thing shouldn’t be to hard right? Now time for me to test out my own advice and see if I can keep these kiddos smiling for the next couple of months. And if you have any other tips on keeping house plants alive, please send them my way. 

*disclaimer I have no nursery or professional plant experience, I am simply a girl with access to google and with one too many plants in her house. Gold hand is not responsible for the killing of any plants


Sam Keeler, Author

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Tall, blonde, and slightly awkward, Sam is a creative currently taking a break from living in Portland to spend the summer in New York City. She’s fuelled by music, tater tots, dogs, girl power, and of course caffeine.  You can probably find Sam taking photos of her latte art in a cute coffee shop or eating pad thai and binge watching any Shonda Rhymes show.

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