local jams: PRISM (queer philanthropic collective in Northwest Arkansas) wants YOU at their halloween bash!

Looking for plans this Saturday, Nov 4th? Looking for a LGBTQ community to get involved in? And even more, are you a female in the Northwest Arkansas area looking to DJ an event? We've got just the thing.

PRISM is a queer philanthropic collective in Northwest Arkansas that creates fresh, brave, and fabulous spaces for LGBTQ folks and especially LGBTQ folks of color. We are on the hunt for a badass femme DJ for our Full Moon Fright Night on November 4th. DM music coordinator @luvspersona on instagram for more details!

A word from Haley Smith, PRISM's music coordinator: 

PRISM was really a dream that my best friend - DJ Adams - and I had back in 2015. We tried organizing a party then but ran into a lot of issues with securing a venue. It wasn't until March of this year that another friend of mine - Rain Rues, who's now a PRISM organizer - started building off of this idea, and it turned out that we weren't the only queer folks in Fayetteville who recognized a need and desire to create new spaces for queer people in our area. What we thought would be just the two of us at our first meeting in March ended up being around 10!

(photos from PRISM's Femme as Fuck party - taken by DJ Adams)

It's meant the absolute world to me to be apart of PRISM. I feel really, really deeply about it. Everything we do is centered around creating fresh, safe, and fabulous spaces for our community. To be a part of a team that explicitly focuses on carving out new spaces especially for queer and trans people of color in Northwest Arkansas feels both incredible and timely. Many of our parties function as fundraisers for other nonprofits in the area.  Experimenting, creating, and raising the bar for what it means to be LGBTQ, to socialize, and to exist in this area is super exciting - and a lot of the folks who have come to our events feel the same! We've gotten a whole lot of positive feedback about the energy and freshness of the spaces we create - and it feels so, so good to be instrumental in that.

the Arkansas Gold Girls will be there - will you?

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