Gold Hand Gift Guide

by anna montie

The holidays are undoubtedly upon us, and the season of giving is in full swing. Rather than letting the technicalities of gift-buying overwhelm you, let us help you narrow your scope. The following is a compilation of things you didn’t even know you wanted and/or needed. Spoil your friends with these goodies this season.


Look Elevators

Silk Bandana: 







Trinidad Leather:

No better gift than one that’s handmade. Especially if there’s leather involved.

gift guide 3.jpg


Hand Gestures Necklace:

What better way to communicate appreciation to a friend than through small graphic hand gestures on a tiny gold disk.

gift guide 4.jpg






Femme Tee:

For all les femmes.

gift guide 5.jpg






Things with Pages


Cherry Bombe Cookbook:

For your friend that loves cooking and also the color pink. 

gift guide 6.jpg






Rap Yearbook:

Vitally important knowledge.

gift guide 7.jpg







Nasty Galaxy:

In case anyone’s coffee table is lacking in books.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.30.17 AM.png






The Book of Barb:

I’m very excited to know this exists.

gift guide 8.jpg








Modernists Coloring Book:

Toss with colored pencils until combined.

gift guide 9.jpg





gift guide 10.jpg
me, too-01.jpg


IPhone Disco Light:

If a room does not have a disco light in it, is it still a room?

gift guide 11.jpg






Plaid Pigeon Succulents:

The OGs of putting succulents into plastic dinosaurs, of course.

gift guide 12.jpg






Small Neon Cactus:

Who wouldn’t?

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.33.31 AM.png







Treat Urself


Compliment Cards:

Give the gift of constant encouragement with these babies. 

gift guide 13.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.31.00 PM.png

Author Anna Montie,

I'm Anna! I live in the very cool city of Dallas, TX and am looking forward to working with this cute, cute team of people. I care a lot about music and the culture that surrounds it, and am excited to have an excuse to write about such things. Here's to hoping I am able to write things worth reading and sharing. 


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