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Everyone hits rock bottom at least once in their lives. Some, hit rock bottom more than that. We go through seasons of love, hatred, despair, hardship, happiness, success and unfortunately— brokenness. But something the Lord has taught me is the beauty in being broken.

Now, I know what you’re thinking... “There’s nothing beautiful about being so low you can hardly motivate yourself to get up in the morning..” but there truly is. God calls us to run to him in our hardships and lay our burdens on him. He wants us to hit rock bottom if that means we can finally give him our all. The true beauty in being broken is the ability to remake yourself.

The beauty in being broken is waking up one morning and deciding you can put all your past behind you and move onward differently than ever before. When you’re in bed at night and your body physically aches from the pain of your brokenness, or you go through your day forcing a smile that just isn’t sincere— pray the Lord uses this time to transform you. God never wastes a pain. He can and He will restore you better than ever if you ask him to. Pray He searches through your heart and finds your deepest desires and unlocks your truest and most pure soul. When you let go of the pain and accept that you are down and cannot get up on your own, He will give you new life. And the funny this is, you seem to only get to this point when you’re completely discouraged and hurt. THAT is the beauty of being broken.

When you come out of this time and depend on God to discover who you are, you will undoubtedly love who you have become. You will be grateful for the depression, the tears, the screams, the breakdowns and the heartache you endured. The healing He will bring out of your brokenness is truly amazing and the most beautiful love story ever written to us. The beauty in being broken is the opportunity to find yourself, be vulnerable, search the pits of your heart and your soul while their cracked open on the floor. The beauty in being broken is the captivating feeling of knowing the Lord will use this and remake you better than before.


Lori Covey, Author

I am a senior at Oklahoma State University and I study multimedia journalism. I focus on news writing and work as my school newspaper's web editor. I also work at a local coffee shop in Stillwater and am addicted to coffee. My dream job one day would be working as an editor for a major fashion or lifestyle magazine. I'm passionate about civil and social rights advocacy and fighting for the equality of all humans. I love plants, people and obscurity. I'm from Oklahoma City but wish one day to live in Seattle. 

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert

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