an attendee's reflections on gold honey

by sea hull

gold honey was an event put on by Gold Hand + Honey Punch Mag. It was a meditative / journaling workshop led by Annie Kate Jones with creative girls from all over Oklahoma. We met so many of you and got to know a bit about who you are, and we got to hear about the peace + introspection this work shop brought everyone. Here is one girl's account of it! Seaira Hull is our Gold Hand intern, and this is her first post on the site. 

--Gold Honey, an event that has helped me  practice “Self Love” to its fullest.--



“All ears, all eyes, I’m ready” I thought to myself amongst walking into a room of the unknown. I wasn’t sure what was to come, but damn did Gold Honey exceed my expectations.”  AS SOON as I opened the door, I could hear “Best to You” by Blood Orange playing, watching the most bad a$$ group of diverse women mingling, eating Skinny Pop popcorn and drinking mint infused water. I knew it was about to go down in Studio Twelve.


We, the young creatives filled this place with many thoughts… such as –

”I’m heading back to college this week and still have no clue if my major is the one for me.”

“To be the best me, i have to be the best me. How can i do this with all the challenges i face on the daily??”


To the high school seniors thinking-  

“Damn I only have one more semester and I have no clue what I am about to do with my life or if i’m making the right decision.”


To the college senior in a similar position, but also thinking-

‘“Shit, things are getting real, + I need answers to all my questions, I can’t waste anymore time,”  

or to the ones past all those thoughts and on to thinking-

“WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE??? So much time has gone by already.”


All in correlation, but simply hoping -

“ I just want to live my best life “






Annie, the most wise. I swear no one could have done it better. Within minutes Annie Kate connected with each of us. With our eyes closed, putting us on our own path, and connecting with every thought, I soon started imaging the most beautiful picture of my life... it was unreal. The amount of connectedness the room of strangers encountered felt absolutely unreal. No, listen babe.. it was real and that feeling hasn’t passed.We each picked up a pen when it felt right and went so hard in describing where our thoughts had just taken us. --

For myself, journaling has been something i find myself doing when i need to connect with my inner thoughts, sometimes are harder than other times in getting it all out but this time when writing down the journey i had just experienced it seemed the most natural, i was the realest I had ever been with my inner thoughts. My soul felt refreshed and I knew nothing other than myself was stopping me from living the picture I had created when my eyes were closed. I walked in with slight fear, unknowing of the outcome, and walked out sure of the possibilities i could create for myself. This congregation of like-minded humans, followed by a couple of minutes in pure silence, allowed for me to see my future. I am my future, i am anything i want to be in this moment. I am me, and I am here for a reason.


A event like Gold Honey is something everyone women needs to expenice. To gather and share visions, goals and life experiences with one another is oh so refreshing and needed.

-- The next Gold Honey event is Feb 24th, keep a look out for details! --


Sea Hull, Author

Sea is Gold Hand's intern, youngest team member, and the spunkiest badass you'll ever meet. She's a high school senior in Oklahoma City and is spending her last year planning a music fest for her school. She's gonna do great big things, keep a watch on this one!


Kat Harris, Graphics

Kat is a part of the Gold Hand Graphics Team

Hey! My name is Kat Harris, and I'm from Dallas, TX. I go to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and I am a Graphic Design and Advertising/Public Relations double major. I love music and have a serious habit of making playlists (so check out my Spotify --Kathryn Harris). Some of my favorite bands are Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Local Natives, and The Temper Trap. I’m interested in photography, design, and really anything art-related. I love to find inspiration in everything I do and strive to be constantly creating and expressing myself!

You can follow Kat on Instagram @groovy.kat

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