spice up ya insta!

by rachel funderburk

Let’s be real—everyone is trying to have a cool insta. No shame. GHG is here to help with some easy 2 use apps to up your iPhone editing game and help make your pics really freaking cool.


Bazaart is like an oversimplified mobile version of photoshop in a way? It’s a great app for putting yourself in front of cool backgrounds, adding fun things (like flowers or butterflies) floating around you, making a sweet birthday s/o collage with like 30 embarrassing pictures, or messing around to create something really fun and creative. I suggest searching pinterest for fun backgrounds and clip art (search “texture background,” find one that catches you eye, scroll down for “more like this,” and fall deep into an hour-long pinning session). The app also has a few cute stickers you can use to fill up your pics (my fave is dutch garden)!




Want to make your high def pic look like it was developed really poorly? Afterlight is the app for that!!! I haven’t really played around much with the filters—I’m a vsco gal—but the light leaks are what you’re after on this app! It has about 30 fun light affects that can each be varied between 7 colors. Very easy to use and very fun results. 

afterlight 2.png



This app scans your old printed pics probably lying around your house and converts them into a great digital rendering! It’s super fast and lets you easily adjust and crop your pics. Go scan some old pics then use the other apps to spice them up!

 (bazaart + photomyne)

(bazaart + photomyne)


Huji Cam

Dua Lipa uses this app so basically a must have. Huji is a camera app that applies filters to photos taken on the app to make them look like photos from a disposable camera! You can even leave a cute little date stamp on your pic to add some authenticity. You can’t choose which filter it applies which is kinda lame, but it still yields some pretty neat looking pictures. 

huji 2.png


There’s a ton you can buy in this app I think but don’t do that lol just use it if you’re looking for the “glitch” look! That’s free! Sometimes it makes your pics look really cool; other times you just kind of get a head ache. I’ve also heard Glitché is a fun glitch app but haven’t tried it out yet!


Alright, so now you have a bunch of fun apps! The key (in my opinion) is to try a combo of them and then bring it all together with a vsco filter and some grain (duh) before the official post. Hope you all make some super fun edits and get your feed looking boppin! 

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