BAD BITCH ESSENTIALS: Items and behaviors every bad bitch needs in their life.

by hannah barrett

Items and behaviors every bad bitch needs in their life.



There are a few staples everyboss babe needs in their life. From tangible items of clothing to specific mindsets, use this as a checklist and the world is yours (spoiler: it always was.)

1.   Red Lipstick

It is very possible that putting on red lipstick in the morning is as effective (if not more) than a cup of coffee. If ever you are in need of an extra pick-me-up, you know what to do.

2.   Leather Jacket

It can be worn any season, with just about anything in your wardrobe. If you’re looking for vegan friendly- go for faux! (Bonus, it’s cheaper!)

3.   Black Boots

Whether they are combat boots, riding boots, or thigh-high- As long as they’re black, you need them. (Science)

4.   Jean Jacket

It will never go out of style, and will never stop upping your outfit game.

5.   Optimal Physical Environment

A clean room truly is important for your health, but beyond that, the space you spend the most time in should inspire you. Hang up your favorite art/ artists. Surround yourself with plants. Bettering your environment will only better yourself.

6.   A Voice- and the guts to use it.

If you’re a real boss babe, you know that there are times when you just have to bite your tongue, but more importantly, you know there are times when you need to speak UP. Speak less often, but with more purpose. Finding your passions is typically synonymous to finding the things that makes your blood boil. If you care about it, let us know. We’re listening.


7.   Girlboss Playlist

Music has the ability to send chills down your spine, send tears down your cheeks, and send you dancing across the room. If you don’t have a girlboss playlist yet, it’s time to make one.

May I recommend: Britney Spears, Janis Joplin, Rihanna, Halsey, Beyoncé, and Banks

8.   Books

Sylvia Plath wrote, “Never mind who has a better or worse body and mind, but stretch yours as far as you can.” Step one: start reading.

On this months reading list: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck + I Am That Girl

9.   The Skill of Abandoning Jealousy

Recognize that more often than not, people are portraying their very best experiences and angles. We live in a social age, and it’s impossible not to compare yourself and your life to everyone else’s. Remember, everyone is showing you his or her best self; so don’t compare that to your worst. Also, always remember someone else’s success and/or beauty will never take away from your own.

10. Planner(s!)

Organization is key. Carry a planner with you at all times to keep up with that busy schedule.

11. Passport

Travel is an enormous source of growth. Go somewhere you have never been. Get to know people you have both nothing and everything in common with. Step 1: Passport.

12. Optimal Social Circle

One of the most important things to do for yourself, and one of the easiest ways to optimize your own life, is to continuously edit your social circle. The biggest trick I have been able to implement into this practice is to take everything at face value. If someone is acting like they aren’t prioritizing you, let that be what it is. If someone is acting crazy, and it is affecting you, allow yourself some space from him or her. Energy is contagious. Single incidents don’t define people, but life is far too short to make excuses for someone else’s behavior. Everyone you know is likely navigating a difficult situation(s). Tough times are not an excuse to be an asshole. If someone is no longer a source of growth or happiness, cut him or her off gracefully (at least for the time being). I have found nothing but truth in the idea that you are whom you surround yourself with. Choose carefully; it is your right to be selfish when it comes to self-care. Life is too short. If you are unhappy, change what you can, and let go of what you can’t. Remember that you woke up with another chance at life. That is more than enough. Always.

Keep wearing red lipstick, working hard, prioritizing yourself, embracing your madness, and trusting in yourself and the universe. The world is yours. Take it easy, but do it all. 



Hannah Barrett, Author

Hannah is a member of the Gold Hand Journalism Team

Hi, I’m Hannah! I am a Business Administration and Graphic Communications student, from Dallas, Tx, currently studying in Oneonta, NY. I’m a music enthusiast, an admirer of art, a mountain maniac, a writer, and an outright travel junkie. I believe life should be all about authenticity, love, and creativity. I believe in women complimenting each other at bathroom sinks. And I believe in always working hard in order to play hard. Hemingway said it best: “Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough." x

Instagram: @hannah_barrett


Averi Campbell

Averi is a member of the Gold Hand Creative Team

Averi Campbell is an art student, multi-musician, and all around music enthusiast. Any indie garage band or badass girl band puts her in a daze, and that sound has carried over into the music she creates herself. Music and art have played a huge role in her life and she is very fortunate to have encountered so many fearless and driven women, both in the arts and music industry, all which have impacted the woman and artist she is today.

Instagram: @avepcam