during my short twenty three years in this reality, four main issues have reigned supreme: love, being in control, dealing with depression, and others not being able to comprehend me. my goal within my writing is to aid others. if i can leave earth with one less person feeling alone...well, i can then comfortably say that i have accomplished my life goal.


i. a transitory fondness is all i have yet to accomplish

   living under a hex of my own has been quite the dull creation 

   - will i ever know what it means to experience a soul connection


ii. to be perceived as frail is a sizable fear of mine

    it pains me to admit that i am not on my own team 

    - independent to a fault


iii. melancholy was leaked into my veins before i was able to speak

     by design adaptation has been the only constant in my world

     - i must reveal the campaign for my well-being has yet to conclude


iiii. it is awkwardly apparent that i am unaware how to project myself to the outside


      my intentions are pure but are often misinterpreted

      - how bizarre is it that you are the only person you will entirely know



Author, Elizabeth Compton

NYC/OKC based writer & poet 

Instagram: @e_compton

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