SPOTLIGHT SUBMISSIONS - Poetry by Paige Divon of Philadelphia ★

 Paige Divon

Paige Divon

My Favorite Song


I plug into the aux to play you a song.

My favorite song if being exact.

Every time it came on we sang along.

Today though, I wish somehow I could backtrack.


You learned to play it on the guitar.

You then played it, and we both sang along.

Now when I hear that song, it opens up a scar.

Showing you my favorite song was where I went wrong.


You bought us two tickets to the bands show.

So we could hear my favorite song live.

Only I wish we could have missed it though.

It’s a memory in my unwanted archives.


Now when I hear that song I don’t sing along.

It makes me think of you and all that went wrong.



Two Shots

1:30 A.M. it’s hot- two men stand in front of the corner store, yelling and fighting begins.

hands go up, but it's too late, the man reveals a gun- two shots.

In the middle of the party either trying to act cool or forget him she heads towards the bottle and takes two shots.

A famous celebrity known by everyone but her own self steps on the red carpet and fakes a smile for two shots.

30 seconds left in the basketball championship game,

he runs down the court dribbling the ball ready to take two shots.

A cancer patient body aches and cries for help,

she rolls up her long sleeve shirt and takes a deep breath, preparing herself for

two shots.

All eyes on her, she takes a breath and walks onto the stage the aspiring actresses knows that she will only get one shot.


Author, Paige Divon

I am 19 years old and from the great city of Philadelphia. I am a first-year student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy listening to music, following the latest fashion trends, volunteering for Special Olympics, and spending time with my friends and family!

"The secret is to listen to more music and less advice."- unknown

You can follow Paige on Instagram @Lil_smoothone

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