Gold Rush Fest Recap

Gold Hand sent a friend of ours out to Arizona to cover Gold Rush Music Fest - a hub of electronic + dance music, with wild themes + lots of badass women. If you're feeling FOMO, don't fret - we've got coverage thats the next best thing to being there. Read about it below!

coverage by Nick Chavez

Walking into Gold Rush festival is like stepping onto the grounds of a book or a movie. The inaugural festival is held at one of Arizona’s most famous venues; Rawhide Western Town & Event center. Yeah, you heard that right...this is an actual wild west themed town. Aside from having western restaurants, bars, and shops, Rawhide added four stages which were performed on by some amazing musicians we're highlighting in this post. Each of these stages followed a
certain theme which was converted into something magical with each individual’s set.

gold rush 2.JPG

While every stage had a killer set, we of course had some of our very favorites. These sets include Snow tha Product who spoke out on how important it is to be an ethnic female in the music industry.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.19.35 PM.png

Along with Snow, We were able to watch MIJA tear up the turntables for her magical EDM set in her very own hometown. Since her set was completely packed, we were so glad to catch her headlining at the after party along with many other Dj’s like Ghastly, San Holo, Droeloe, and more. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.20.49 PM.png

Later on, we checked out REZZ the 22 year old Ukrainian producer, who Gold Hand recently promo'd and covered in Oklahoma City.  She gripped everyone with her insane stage setup and production.

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gold rush 6.JPG

The festival is already killer with the performers it curated, but, it wouldn’t be quite as amazing without all of your beautiful faces in the crowd. Festival fashion is always a favorite of ours to highlight, and Gold Rush was no exception. Find inspiration for your next house / electronic / dance show below:

Arizona found gold with this fest. Every person that attended was able to bond with one another regardless of music taste. The trails of Rawhide weren’t just covered in wild west dirt, they were overflowing with smiles, music, and incredible female artists. If you weren’t able to make it this year, don’t worry- we'll see you next year in 2018 when Gold Hand Girls heads to Gold Rush once again! 

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