B E A C H  S L A N G

by averi campbell

Beach Slang, Dallas Texas

Beach Slang, Dallas Texas

Walking down the streets of Dallas’ Deep Ellum, the quietness of thanksgiving eve was
something I had never experienced in this city, but as I approached the next corner and made my
way towards Curtain Club, it was instantly apparent that holiday travels would not stop Beach
Slang fans.

As many shows as I’ve been to, this venue was one that I had never seen anything
like. A large red velvet curtain covers the stage, and only opens as soon as the band begins their
set. As I was waiting in front of this theatrical, and frankly intimidating curtain, the eager voices
around me became an inspiration.

Beach Slang, Dallas Texas

Beach Slang, Dallas Texas

One person said that they had seen Beach Slang at a festival,
another had seen them as an opener and fell in love, and one had been following them on tour for
the last few weeks.

The second the curtains opened, the audience was completely and totally


Beach Slang put on an intimate performance that captivated viewers and left everyone
wanting more. Be sure to follow Beach Slang on spotify and obsess with us!


PRESS, Averi Campbell

Averi is the Creative Director for Gold Hand Girls

Averi Campbell is an art student, multi-musician, and all around music enthusiast. Any indie garage band or badass girl band puts her in a daze, and that sound has carried over into the music she creates herself. Music and art have played a huge role in her life and she is very fortunate to have encountered so many fearless and driven women, both in the arts and music industry, all which have impacted the woman and artist she is today.

Instagram: @avepcam

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