Rising Stars - Madi Rindge Releases New Single "Perfect"


When Gold Hand first came in contact with Ms. Madi, we had little to no idea that her words would become such a close inspiration for our platform. 

Madi Rindge's newest single "Perfect" is the new girl power anthem you need in your life, trust us. 

"Singer-songwriter Madi Rindge is no stranger to the grind. After building her reputation as a stellar force in the music game, the Los Angeles-based performer has finalized her forthcoming debut EP, Just One, which is readying for full release April 2018. With a follow-up single to “Just One” in the chamber, it is our extreme pleasure to share with you Madi Rindge’s girl-powered anthem, “Perfect”." (VIA OkayPlayer)

Meanwhile being a signed lyricist to LyricHouse, Madi also recently graduated from New York University, where she released tunes to be held on platforms such as Spotify, Reverb Nation, and Indie Shuffle. 

"Having women in any industry stand up for and support others (especially in the music industry!) is so invaluable and important for us to make change in this world.

The idea that women have to be ‘perfect’ is taught to us at a young age. We have to look beautiful, be composed, act a certain way. I experienced this pressure so blatantly in past relationships that I had to do something about it. This song is my way of actively standing up against the idea of being ‘perfect’. " Madi said when speaking with Alexa and Coco.

This girls got it going on, and we are so excited to be releasing something by an incredible woman, for incredible women. 

Listen Below


What even is perfect?




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