MONDAY MUSE: VIAA's new single - "Lie"

A few months ago, we featured a writeup by our girl VIAA about being a female in the music business and the importance of empowering one another. If you never got a chance to read it, or want to read it again (which, you should)- check it out here :

"And yet, we rise." Artist & Activist VIAA on the Value of Female Empowerment, and the Art of Advocating While Doing What you Love

BUT, the best news is that she just put out a new single titled "Lie" - available on any streaming service. Its the perfect f**k-the-boy, love-yourself, dance-party-in-your-room song. 

Find her single at the top of our Gold Hand Girls playlist, or click the link for spotify below:

Lie on Spotify   


Enjoy, babes!


Coco Lashar, Author

Coco is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Gold Hand Girls. You can read more about who she is and what she loves on our  "About Us" page!

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