talking with CHLOE OLIVIA - a singing sister duo you'll swoon over

CHLOE OLIVIA, sisters and singer-songwriters, represent a force of nature arriving on the music scene with both tenacity and tenderness.  The Oklahoma natives began their musical endeavors through moving piano ballads on YouTube.  Since relocating to Utah, the duo have synthesized a ballad past with an electronic future in the new, highly anticipated, and dynamic single “Gilded”.  With delicate and endless vocals strung together across complex and gorgeous arrangements, CHLOE OLIVIA’s songwriting is undeniably arresting.  At the crossroads of soul and electronic modernism, this group is sure to win fans of Lykke Li, Lorde, and Florence and the Machine.  CHLOE OLIVIA are quickly carving a spot for themselves as a fresh and serious talent.


“Gilded felt like a fossil to us. It already existed, and we just had to uncover it. The song explores human nature, and how we often seek to gild our lives in order to appear golden to others. We live in an age where it is easy to create a façade for others to see. This song, in a way, seeks to expose that and encourage authenticity.”


Who are some of your biggest influences?

This come as a surprise, because our style is very different....but Sufjan Stevens is a big influence for us. We love how he crafts his songs with countless allusions and meaningful symbolism. He provokes deeper thought and asks more of the listener. We are also very influenced by female artists such as Florence and the Machine, Lykke Li, Billie Eilish, and Maggie Rogers. Each of those women is a pioneer of genre and sound, as their music is so unique. We love that. Whenever we are in the studio, we don't shoot for a genre or sound. The song just naturally blooms. That seems to give the most creative space.  


Man, there are so many incredible female artists out there right now. Something that sets us apart is probably our songwriting. We have both been writing since we were early teens, and spend tireless hours honing the craft. We strive to write songs that are compelling with absolutely no production. That way the production decorates it, and is the cherry on top. Our songs are a marriage of this soulful, ballad past and an electronic pop future. 


Any words of advice for aspiring artists out there?

Our advice may sound cliche, but it is to "Be original! Be yourself". Copycat artists are easily spotted. Don't shoot for a sound when you write. Let whatever comes, come. Authenticity and raw-ness make songs great and meaningful. 


What are your goals with your music?

Our biggest goal is to connect with people. Music is a fantastic mechanism for that, and we just happen to be really passionate about it. Our philosophy that life is all about people. Loving people, learning about them, empathizing with them, etc. Our songs often draw inspiration from human interaction, our experiences, and the experiences of others. Connecting with people in all parts of the music process from writing to performing is paramount to us. 


Their new single, Gilded, comes out tomorrow on Spotify, but you can also check it out on their soundcloud here!