a conversation with Mr Little Jeans on her new track - "Forgetter"

interview by meg thomas

Born and raised in the woodsy, seaside town of Grimstad, Norway, Mr Little Jeans spent her childhood immersed in music, be it the sounds of her mother’s guitar or Simon & Garfunkel records. She grew up in the church choir, learned piano and guitar, amassed singing competition wins throughout the Norse countryside. Absorbing early influences ranging from Mariah Carey, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack, she sublimated and synthesized the ability to sing in a way that makes you freeze, as though time was momentarily stopped and you’re unsure whether you want to dance or ruminate. 

  • I wanted to start off by asking you what song writing looks for you and the whole process you go through making new music?

The general writing process usually starts in the studio. With me and a producer (occasionally two) With either an idea inspired by something (usually a sound or a beat I've heard somewhere else) or just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing where it leads us. Once there's a basic track idea in place musically, I like to freestyle (whilst recording) over the music to see if anything comes. If there are melodies I like, I try to piece my mumblings together until there's a fully formed song. Once the melody is down, I write the lyrics at home where I can sit in peace and quiet and take my time with it. It can take anything from 1 day to a year. Depending on what's going on in my life and if I feel like there's something I'd like to express


*I wanted to offer my congratulations on your new single Forgetter! I think it may be my favorite song of yours to date. What was your thought process in writing this song?

Thank you!! That really makes me so happy. It's always a little nerve-wrecking releasing new music. Especially as I've been gone for a hot minute. Forgetter pretty much came together in a couple of hours. Tim  (Anderson) put the beat down with all the fills and everything and I jumped out of my seat (or specifically the sofa I was sitting on). It felt exactly like the direction I wanted the new music to venture. I free-styled a melody over it and then it just sat there for months..... and months and months.  I got stuck on the pre chorus and didn't know how to get out of it. One day I listed back to the freestyle I did that day and found another pre-chorus that had been there all along. I wrote the lyrics over the next week or so and put the vocal down and that's that. EZ! Kinda. The idea of what the song was about had been marinating since the day I wrote the melody, but it took me a little while to fully articulate it. I wanted to tell the story of where I was, which was feeling uncharacteristically brave and hopeful and happy. But also the darkness I felt stuck in not too long before that. In the end I think the song was able to articulate what i wanted to say.


*Do you feel as if you struggle branching out in your music or trying new things or does that come more naturally?

 It's a little hard in the beginning when you're trying to figure out for yourself where excactly you want to go. But then it's so exciting when you hit on something that feels like it expresses what you were trying to put out there. I consistently go in directions that inspire me, so it's very much a labour of love and that's very rewarding once you hit on something that feels right.


*What song are you most proud of and why?

Right now it's Forgetter as it's part of the "new school" vision I had for MLJ. The production, melody and lyrics feel like they belong together and truly represent where I'm at. But to be honest I'm pretty proud of most of my songs in some way. Blood, sweat, tears, time and pure joy goes into the making of most of my stuff.


*What does the next couple of years look like for Mr Little Jeans? Album? Tour?

You got it! Album coming out beginning of next year hopefully, some spot dates this year in the bigger cities and then a national tour next year.


*Who in the music industry has inspired and continues to inspire you today with your own music?

I don't really have one specific person in mind, but if you're genuine, work hard and don't buy into the bullshit you're a winner in my book.


*Any advice to those who are trying to make it with their music?

Do your best to keep everything as self-sufficient as possible. Whether it be writing, producing, art-work, photography, funding, the more the better.  Not having to rely on other people is the ideal situation, as you'll be free to move everything along at your own speed. You'll also be the one in charge creatively which is super important to me. I've spent a lot of time waiting around on other people and it ends up wasting precious time and money.


"Forgetter" is available now via Nettwerk Records.


interview by meg thomas

Hi, I’m Meg! I love to write poetry, travel with my man, and drink a cold Stella. I’m graduating from UCO with a Creative Writing degree and will continue to do whatever I can to empower women in their pursuit of success!! Let’s grab coffee ️ xoxo

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