RALPH makes music for humans who like to dance

interview by alexa ace

"You can't help but root for RALPH." - NOISEY

"A nostalgic wonderland." - NYLON

"Good times disco with a bittersweet after-taste." - Clash

"A-grade banger. Sharp, jolting, a magnetic introduction." - DIY

"Slow synth perfection... the new pop princess you're about to be obsessed with." - Nasty Gal

Opening with twinkling retro synths and soft strum guitar, Toronto pop enigma RALPH (née Raffa Weyman) contemplates how things have changed from the beginning of a blossoming September love to now in the new single "Tables Have Turned." Part disco and part R&B, "Tables Have Turned" at points laments how RALPH's lost the upper hand in the relationship with the lyrics, "I had control in the driver's seat, but my hands are slipping off the wheel," while at other points she embraces the release from the competition in the cathartic chorus. 

"Tables Have Turned" follows RALPH's collaboration with fellow Toronto musician and rapper TOBi on "Girl Next Door," yet another example of her rose colored alt-pop that brims with a perennial sense of adolescent love. 


check out our interview w RALPH below:

Who do you make music for?

Humans who like to dance, but also humans who want to feel connected to emotionally driven words. I write songs about relationships - with yourself, friends, a partner, whatever - because it’s a concept that is universally relatable. I just want listeners to hear my songs and feel something, whether it’s sadness, self-empowerment, joy, etc. I want it to have an effect. 


What does the music-making process look like for you?

It’s always different. Ideally I’ll walk into a studio session with a lyric line (or entire verses/choruses pre-written) or at least a feeling or inspiration, so that we have a jumping off point for a song. I’m always writing lyrics in my head so that part isn’t hard, I have millions of notes in my phone with random sentences that I’ve collected. But there have been times when I’ve gone to the studio and felt a little unfocused - that’s a weird moment. Either you end up writing an unexpectedly amaZinG track about something surprising, or you write a song you don’t love, which is FINE. I’ve learned not to beat myself up anymore. 


Who would you credit as a non-musical inspiration for you?

I’m really close with my family and they definitely keep me sane and grounded. My parents actually live really close by so I have dinner with them a lot, it’s nice because I can just be myself and take a little break from being “on” all the time. My brothers both live in the city too and we hang out all the time, they both work in film so they’re creative dudes, we have a lot in common. I imagine that if I ever become too self absorbed, I can rely on them to laugh at me and tell me I’m being an asshole. I value that! 


What albums are you listening to currently?

I’m listening to Ella Mai, King Princess, Your Smith, MorMor, and the new Ariana obviously 


Where do you envision music taking you in the future?

I’d love to tour the world with my music for the next couple years, I really want to meet all the international fans that reach out to me. I’m also looking forward to song writing for other artists throughout my career and into the future. 

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