the badass girls of warped tour in photos

photography and coverage by violet foulk

jess bowen

Jess Bowen1.jpg

lauren kashan of sharptooth

Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth.jpg



sydney dolezal of dolls skin

Sydney Dolezal of Doll Skin.jpg

tatiana demaria

tonight alive

.....stay tuned for a writeup and recap from our girl violet!


photo, violet foulk

Violet Foulk is a 23 year old based in NYC + LA. She does artist management and marketing by day, while shooting shows and interviewing badass music industry ladies on the side. After growing up in a small beach town on Cape Cod, she earned her bachelors degree in Music Business at Manhattanville College in Westchester NY, then moved to NYC to work as a music publicist for three years. Violet decided to pivot toward artist management and is now doing management and marketing at The SoundClub, while contributing live concert photography and interviews to various outlets. You can almost always find her at a show with her camera in hand.

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