Personal Tour Diary/ Recap with Alexina - OBSESSED with new single "Partying On My Own"

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Alexina is a kick-ass feminist artist who grew up in London but was born in the South of Scotland- in fact, her moniker Alexina is also the name of a Scots female warrior which is derivative of her real name Alexandra. She is obsessed with literature and loves Orwell, Vonnegut, Laurie Lee and Roald Dahl and novels from the 1930's-1940's era. When she isn't reading or playing music, she's daydreaming about her home and the Scottish countryside, spending time in nature. She also writes poetry and is publishing a fiction book for children inspired by her spoilt dog. She is also a total movie buff- especially Wes Anderson films.

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Partying On My Own


Wakey Wakey

I usually wake up at around 7am. I'll slip on my kimono, make a pot of Earl Grey and take about 14 selfies before contemplating what a funny world we live in for an hour or so. Then I'll go to the studio to write.


Choo Choo

I spend quite a bit of time on the train so here's a picture of me on the LNER East Coast train from Scotland to London. I prefer a facing forwards table seat to avoid travel sickness.


Snip Snip

My hair needs cutting quite frequently - luckily I get it cut by super hairdresser Neil Whooley and we have lots of lols while he cuts me a nice mullet and I drink rose. Nothing like staring in a mirror for 3 hours to make you feel ready for the day!
(Fresh Cut SHOT!)


La La

I spend most days in the studio - either writing or working on production. Here's a shot of me working with my friend Tom. We wrote my next single Cool Together together and he's great. His studio is as small as a shoe box however and requires many cigarette breaks to avoid going insane.


Splash splash

My favourite time of day is bath time - here's a pic of me at my friends house and she has a really nice bathroom.


Snap snap

Here's a behind the scenes pic of me at the Sony studios shooting the cover for partying on my own. I spent most of the day being sprayed with a water spray and pretending I'm a model = 10/10 day!


Strum strum

I get to work with my favourite person in the world Rob Brinkmann in his cool neon studio kite yard producing and making songs - he's Australian and I spend most of the day playing the same 3 chords on the guitar and talking in Australian = most annoying person ever. Apparently my accent is really good though... not my words.



Here's a pic of me after I got my septum pierced because a boy I fancied at the time said he liked septum piercings. I nearly threw up but I quite like it now even though it spends most of the time reversed up my nose to avoid being fired at work.


Chop Chop

I don't like running but I do enjoy power walking especially at home in Scotland. Here's me going for a power walk at home last week.