INTERVIEW: Violet Days is a gem 💎

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After stumbling across Violet Days on Instagram, we knew we had to get the scoop. This dreamy alt-pop Swedish babe is keen to hoisting her raw emotions in the air for the world to see - we love it. Violet Days has won awards such as Rookie Songwriter/Producer of the year at Denniz pop awards 2015, and currently has over 14 million plays on Spotify. 14 Million! Slay baby, slay.

Read below as our girl Micayla talks to Violet over Game of Thrones, patience, and “going banana’s.”

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Violet Days is taking over our Instagram JULY 13TH! Be there or be.. wherever else, but that’s boring.


What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?

I hope they feel like they can relate to the stories and feel excited to get to know the world of Violet Days as a whole story. 

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Don´t try to be someone else, be You, because there will only ever be One version of you. 

As a collaboration between you and Kris Eriksson, how has your sound evolved?

We love to experiment with sounds and are always excited to try new stuff, when we first started working together we had a slightly more rock-leaning sound, now we´re more pop/alternative. 

What song are you listening to on repeat right now?

Currently obsessed with Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka 

We know the name Violet Days was inspired by your grandmother Viola. Are there any other hidden meanings in your music?

I think writing song is so therapeutic so I guess I would say that would be my feelings and the real things that I´ve gone through that I write about, but that´s not so hidden anymore hehe. 

Do you have any favorite mantras or quotes you live by?

I like “Go bananas”, it´s not so serious and deep, but it´s fun, and actually super helpful sometimes when you feel tense and you just have to relax a little. Don´t take everything too serious or you will miss out on a lot of fun. 

What does a day in the life of Violet Days look like?

Oh It´s ever-changing, if we are in town for some time, on the best days I like to start the day by having breakfast for an hour, go for a run and then hit the studio and hopefully by 7pm we got something really exciting that we worked on during the day and we can have a nice dinner, watch some Netflix.. I love those days :) 



What is your favorite song to perform and why?

I love to do “Just a little” live, I love to sing it and the progression of it keeps things interesting live and the audience seems to really love it every time we play it. 

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to pursue a career in music?

Be patient and trust your gut feeling when making decisions about both music and people. Choose a team that You believe in and that truly believes in You.

What are your thoughts on the Game of Thrones ending?

Oh, what a trip. I have mixed emotions, some of it I was happy with.  The major thing though is that I don´t think Jon got a fair ending at all after everything he gave up. I also wanted to see where the dragon took off, too many loose ends..

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