Chats with Uffie about those new tunes and being in ~Vogue x / New Single "Mine" releasing July 5th!

- a rebellious french/american pop icon that we've had on repeat allllll week hunny

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Photo by: Ashley Osborn

Photo by: Ashley Osborn

Uffie, you're fucking badass! We’re so excited to talk with you today. First, we have to ask. Who are you inspired by? You have such a unique sound, a sound that makes us want to stay out until 3am, only to come home and do it all over the next day. Is there one person in-particular you’d say inspired your sound? 

I had a pretty alternative upbringing when I was little in Hong Kong. My parents listened to Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac… I spent my preteen/early teens in the U.S and the first CD I bought was Bone Thugs n Harmony… such gold and my intro to Hip Hop. Next, in Paris, I got a large collection of vinyls. France solidified my love of electronic music. There isn’t a particular artist but aside these I’ve always loved David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, The Knife, Fever Ray, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Animal Collective… and I love discovering new artists!

What was it like to be featured in Vogue? What are some of your biggest goals in life? 

An honor. I’d love to and plan on working more in fashion. I am really excited about growing and expanding my universe through artwork and live shows. Curating is really peaking my interest as well, as in soundtracks.

Photo by: Ashley Osborn

Photo by: Ashley Osborn

When you wrote “No Take Me Backs” was it with an intention in mind? As a listener this song first inspired me, as a woman, to not get distracted and focus on my work to ya know.. make money for my people. Did you intend on this single being empowering? 

Absolutely. My EP was a very different tone, and this single is my mind being back on track. Putting myself, my people, and my career first. I think thats something we can all lose sight of, the prize, the goal… and its a fun reminder.

What is it like for you to be a female in the music industry? 

We live in a world that unfortunately is still evolving to true equality, but I’m lucky enough to work with some really inspiring women, and try to do so whenever possible.  

Give us a quote you live by!

Being happy and positive is a choice, and you get to choose that everyday.

Photo by: Ashley Osborn

Photo by: Ashley Osborn