Exclusive hand-made playlist + interview W/ ANNA DELLARIA

Photo Credit: Max Baker Photography

Photo Credit: Max Baker Photography

You know those days where you just wanna clean your house, get shit done, and turn the music up real loud? We recommend turning up Anna Dellaria.. we mean turn it UP. This soulful pop baby has had hella success in just a short amount of time and we have an exclusive ass interview + photo journal + playlist to present to you.

First, turn up her tunes with a personalized Anna Dellaria x GHG playlist here

while listening to the playlist read Anna Dellaria’s interview below x

What is the best advice you’ve ever received to follow your dreams and how do/did you put it to use?

- Stay authentic to who you are as best you can, and work as hard and smart as you can. I'd say I've tried to put that to use in directing me towards my goals and creative work in pushing myself to make music or perform, etc. beyond what feels easy or comfortable. Sometimes following the "trend" or "what's in" is tempting because it seems like it'd be easy validation, but the best art and in general best thing one can I offer in my opinion is a unique take or skill of something - a perspective that only you have to offer.

Walk us through what a typical day in the life of Anna Dellaria looks like?

- Honestly, every single day changes! My schedule varies a lot. Some days I wake up, try to read a little bit - grab some coffee and exercise in some way so that I'm able to get out of my head for a bit, even if it's just a walk outside. Then I either head to a studio to write or record for scheduled sessions, or I work from my home studio to wrap up some new ideas, or I'm out performing! Just depends on the day : )

What is your favorite lyric you’ve ever written, and why?

- Also another thing that changes frequently haha. I'd say "You won't break me down, in the darkness I'll be found", which is a lyric of the unreleased EP coming out this Fall. I love it at the moment cause it celebrates finding oneself in the fight to climb out of difficulty or hardship. I'm a big believer of our character being partially defined by how we rise back up after failures or challenges.

We love “At My Worst” it’s continuously on replay at GHG. Is there a story or situation that inspired that song?

- Ah thank you so much! Means the world to have your support for real.

The song wasn't inspired by a singular moment, but more by this perpetual realization that the our imperfections, quirks or vulnerabilities are the things that allow for our best and greatest selves. Kind've like a yin and yang. If someone can't accept the darker, imperfect parts of us, than they don't deserve the unique and amazing sides of us that are informed by those dark parts! Often time we use those vulnerabilities to justify compromising or settling for less, but I hope to celebrate those parts of ourselves as enablers of greatness.

AT MY WORST - ARTWORK smaller.jpg

What are your top go-to HYPE songs or artists?

- Oh so many. Lizzo 4ever (Truth Hurts, Soulmate) and Beyonce is for every moment in all honesty (have you heard "Don't Hurt Yourself"?!) . I love Aretha Franklin as well for a good pick-me up when it comes to feeling like a bad ass. "Party (Up in Here)" by DMX (Duh). "Smile" by Lil Duval. "Lose Yourself" - Eminmen because of course. Too many more.

Your voice is so soulful, sultry and powerful! Do you think studying at USC helped you develop your sound, or are there other influences for you?

- Thank you so much! That's really kind. USC definitely helped push me to define a sound and also figure out the intention behind what I was singing and writing about and why. When I first got to school I had never worked with a real band before or collaborated on my own original music (I was used to just me and a piano!). I asked some new friends and musicians if they'd want to be in my band and we made every kind of music. I love R&B/Soul but I also love huge pop melodies. In contrast, the songwriter part of me lives for imagery fueled lyric from Jeff Buckley, or darker lines like Elliott Smith. Trying to fuse all of that together created a 5 song EP with songs that changed time signatures, keys, and genres and ended up sounding like 1000 different things but nothing super authentic. That experience forced me to find a way to create a cohesive sound authentic to only me. For that - I'm so grateful!

If you didn’t become a badass musician, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

- I love Political Science, but over the last few years I've gotten really deep into a combo of anthropology and psychology. I'd love to work in a field that analyzes how societies and cultures work/fluctuate in tandem with the mind and psychology all around.

Your music brings to light issues that we all face and struggle with like gaining confidence, self-love, and figuring out who you are in this crazy world. What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?

- I feel you on the "craziness" of the world for sure! I hope that listeners feel supported, empowered, or comforted by my music. Whether it's dancing along to pop-bops like "At My Worst" that are sassy and light hearted, or being forced to confront and reflect on issues surrounding mental health like depression and anxiety - I hope my listeners feel a little less alone in that we're all trying to navigate this wild world and who we are within it.

In your own words, what is it like being a female in the music industry?

- I think it's pretty bad ass, because I think womxn are so extraordinary and amazing and I'm so proud to be one. I was raised by a single mama with two amazing sisters side by side. However, part of my pride is built on the strength I find in other womxn that becomes fiercer when confronted with day to day issues of misogyny, sexism, etc. I used to hate it because all of the male artists I know are primarily judged based on their music and not much else. It's notoriously reversed for womxn where you're expected to be everything and more - you can't just have fantastic songs - you have to offer something else whether it be entertainment in beauty, or in being a "rebel" but there has to be some story or "brand". Your worth is constantly questioned and deemed pretty disposable.

All to say - I think the primary issue is this: females in this industry are underestimated. We have to prove our talent and value twice as much as men. There's so much more to say but I'll leave it at this - my hope is that we can begin to truly alter society to perceive womxn as equals and reflect it in financial equality and more. That effort needs to be made tenfold for womxn of color, of different sexualities and gender norms, and ethnic backgrounds.

What can we expect a year from now from Anna Dellaria?

- Hopefully a lot of touring! Obviously a lot of new music ;) I have a few more singles lined up to share with you all and then a full debut EP that I'm so, so eager to share! My favorite thing is to perform the songs for an audience and connect with listeners. Keep an eye out for a show nearest you, and follow along for the next single release in August!



San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and

performer Anna Dellaria uses her flaws to start a fire. Translating lyrical singer-songwriter

catharsis a la Jeff Buckley through bold Aretha Franklin-style delivery, she doesn’t back

down from darkness; rather, she turns it into light...

That approach has unassumingly drawn the spotlight to her after a lifetime dedicated to

the craft. Growing up in a “non-musical” household, she taught herself how to sing by

studying the likes of Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, and even the

Sister Act soundtrack. Amidst a tumultuous upbringing beset by physical and mental abuse and bouts of anxiety fueled by a broken home, music became a refuge.

Accepted into USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music, she devoted ten hours a day to

honing her voice—often sleeping in the practice rooms. Through the program, she caught

the attention of early supporters and industry icons Lenny Waronker and Rob Cavallo,

while performing backup vocals for John Fogerty, Chaka Khan, and more. By sophomore

year, she released her debut single “Sudden” produced by Brian Jones (Vampire Weekend,

Gwen Stefani), which garnered coverage from DJ Booth, The Four Oh Five, and Indie Shuffle, among others.

2017’s voice note recording of her demo “Bolder” landed a prominent sync on Younger and surpassed 385K organic Spotify streams in a matter of months, in addition to igniting

collaboration with Shazam and Apple Music for the songs official release. With a rising

profile, Ethan Allen tapped her to sing during a national campaign aired during the 2018

Academy® Awards. Everything set the stage for the release of her single “I Choose Me.”

Selected for 6 New Music Friday Playlists across Spotify - her voice captivates during

intimate verses before booming with unbridled power on the refrain. With raw

emotionality and practiced delivery, she strikes the perfect balance between intensity and

talent. Now, with over 950k Digital Streams to date, Dellaria is set to release her first 3

singles from the debut EP expected this Fall.

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