We will never stop talking about Nasty Cherry and here's why + new single "Live Forever"

Photo credit: Tsarina Merrin - @tsarinamerrin

Photo credit: Tsarina Merrin - @tsarinamerrin

Nasty Cherry is an LA-based all-girl band makin’ waves in the music industry. Why? Not only is their latest single “Live Forever” co-written by Charli XCX, but Nasty Cherry represents a fierce look into our music businesses past and present, simultaneously.

When you think of Nasty Cherry, what do you think of? We think of none other than wait for it The Runaways, and it’s no coincidence that The Runaway’s most popular song is “Cherry Bomb.” Ch-ch-ch-ch. Boom. Nasty.

The Runaway’s were known for their grit, and “I don’t give a shit” attitude. We think Nasty Cherry is widely similar, while also remaining positive influencers for young women and children. Nasty Cherry’s three singles “Win,” “What Do You Like In Me,” and “Live Forever” all represent spunky and spontaneous notions of individuality. Nasty Cherry doesn’t just “give in” to beauty standards, beauty is whatever the fuck they want it to be. Smeared black eye-liner? Check. Pink hair? Check. Girls playing every instrument? Check.

In their latest single “Live Forever,” Nasty Cherry takes you on an adventure which appears to be home-made, and full of emotion — but like, the kind of emotion that gets you the fuck up off your couch and onto the dance floor. The kind of emotion that reminds you to be your free self, not your best self. The emotion that allows you to be you. In an interview in Rolling Stone guitarist Chloe Chaidez describes “Live Forever” as '“‘a fiery smasher about being yourself and dancing through the sadness of life’.”

Similar to The Runaway’s, we can only hope that Nasty Cherry’s legacy truly does Live Forever.

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Check it below x

“The vibe is ’90s angst rock welded to a Sia-esque chorus, and it is indeed a winner.”


“Sassy Eighties-MTV girl pop guided by Charli XCX’s rebel spirit"


“…the track is a potent introduction to the band's vision, a kick-drum slow burner laced with powder keg determination.”


“…a promising kick-off for a group that seems looking to take the girl group concept in a punkier, darker direction — while still having plenty of fun.”


"Win" is as sticky a song as you'll find this year, with a chorus that'll live with you long after the track stops playing. More Nasty Cherry soon, please.”


“From the very ’80s matrimonial white dresses that they’ve worn on stage to their matching red hot photoshoot ensembles, which are as glamorous as rock ’n’ roll can get, Nasty Cherry might just resurrect that bygone era when coordinated girl groups ruled the charts.”


“Without a doubt, Nasty Cherry will always be cooler than we could ever hope to be.” 


“I stan four witchy queens.”


    ““…LA band serving girl power with a bitchy attitude.”


“… one of those pop tracks that’s genius in its simplicity.”


“…shadowy ’80s post-punk riffs with a huge anthemic pop chorus…”


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