Interview (FASHION): CLAUDETTE by Layan Al-Dabbous a KUWAITI designer makin' moves


Where Gold Hand Girls is a platform which focuses on women in the music industry, there are few gems outside of the music world we want to bring attention to. CLAUDETTE by Layan Al-Dabbous is one of them. With a cult-like following, and sold-out pop up shops, CLAUDETTE is a streetwear brand run by a woman in a design industry primarily run by men.

Among studying at Parsons School of Design, after growing up in both Kuwaiti and London, Layan Al-Dabbous hopes to make CLAUDETTE a movement and a community.

Check out our interview below, and keep a look out for an announcement date for our CLAUDETTE X GHG Instagram Takeover!

We LOVE that your brand stands for social issues that so many go through like mental health, depression, smoking and much more. You tie these problems together with style so beautifully! How do you see fashion making a bigger statement for these issues with Claudette?

I think as human we’re walking billboards so why not let the message we wear be a positive one. You could be walking around all day and not even notice the many people who analyze what you’re wearing and internalize the message.

You’ve your own mascot for the Claudette brand that began as a random doodle. What does the design represent to you now?

Claudette is an extension of who I am in the form of a digital character she is essentially me just living inside a screen!


What are your top go-to HYPE songs or artists?

My favorite artists right now are probably NAO, Kanye, and tyler the creator ... they can always get me hype

What is the best advice you’ve ever received to follow your dreams and how do/did you put it to use?

The best advice was to take that first step, as cliche as it sounds it’s honestly the only way to get your dreams from an idea in your head to then actually happening in real life. Do not I repeat do not compare yourself or let the fear of failing stop you

How do you want people to feel when they wear Claudette?

I want them to feel like they're part of a big family, a community of like-minded people!

Claudette is all about breaking boundaries in fashion, communication, and expectations. Do you see the brand going beyond streetwear?

Yes! I definitely do... clothing is a crucial part but the brand has even more to give , at the end of the day its a movement



What is your go-to outfit at the moment?

I’ve been super into black at the moment. I love wearing cool black pants, colorful socks, and my airforce 1s

What does a typical day in the life of Layan Al-Dabbous look like these days?

Well, its summer so it been really hectic. I’ve been traveling around a lot lately and its been really inspiring I hope to take all these new things I've seen and put them into the next collection

What is the ultimate goal for Claudette in the future?

For her voice to really be heard!


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