New Single "Champion" by Bishop Briggs is her best yet



— that’s the only word we can use to describe Bishop Briggs. For years now she’s been our go-to for strong female vocals in today’s age, we’ve seen Bishop Briggs live, interviewed her, and played songs such as “White Flag” and “Wild Horses” on repeat for years now. So, what makes Bishop Briggs new single “Champion” different? Nothing. It’s equally as well-written, strong, and energetic as our others BB favorites. However, this time the power is on another level. Bishop Briggs, a powerhouse vocalist and strong as hell female musician, has absolutely fucking leveled up.

One of our favorite things about Bishop Briggs is when you see her live, she speaks softly into the mic, all the while being kind and generous to her fanatic crowd. Then, before you can even second-guess her, she belts with enthusiasm, strength, and from a place of realism. “Champion” does just that. A sensitive introduction, and strong finish.

“Champion” is the song you want to listen to when you feel like everything you’re experiencing, you’re experiencing alone. Bishop Briggs reminds the listener through her lyrics such as “alone in my car, I’m in a parking lot, darkest spot in my mind..” that she’s been there, too. Continuing with “why do I crumble quickly?”

The tempo rises and the lyrics “was feelin’ so weak but baby I’m strong” bring us into another universe. Bishop Briggs’ “Champion” is one prime example of a female who exemplifies vulnerability as strength.

With chills over our bodies towards the end of the song, Bishop pulls every ounce of honesty out of her and electrifies the lyrics “Little did I know I’m a champion.”

So good it almost reminds us of that one time our palms were sweaty, knees weak, mom’s spaghetti.

This might be Bishop Briggs’ best song yet. Level up, BB.

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