Caitlyn Scarlett releases new music video for "DRAMA" + EXCLUSIVE photo journal x

Caitlyn Scarlett is the kind of musician that you could see on the red carpet one night, and in striped pajamas all over instagram the next morning. Real as fuck, and we love it. When Caitlyn collaborated with Gold Hand Girls for an Instagram Story takeover we knew she’d be cool, but ordering pizza and staying in all day after a Vevo shoot? Shit, that’s our kinda girl. So, we wanted to introduce some of her music and a personal photo archive for Gold Hand Girls’ eyes only by Cailtyn herself —

First, if you haven’t heard of her you gotta check out her new music video DRAMA with Mae Muller, and Ms Banks. This girl-power trio drops some sick beats, killer outfits, and a song that’ll keep you inspired to make that dough. While you’re at it, also listen to B.I.G by Cait and finish up your saga with Dance on The Table.

Caitlyn’s badass temperament, and down to earth personality makes her the ultimate star on the rise. We want more, bby.


all photos below are captioned + provided from Caitlyn Scarlett’s personal iphone photo archive

My second sold out headline show, a very happy night.
At the O2 seeing The 1975 with my manager Jonny who always dodges my photos.
On set for a music video coming soon!
I call this one “fourth glass of wine”
My first time in a Casino, just recently in France. My band and I decided to go on a last minute trip for the week!

pssssttt — one more song because we just love her.

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