LA-Based Skyler Stonestreet is one of the singer/songwriters behind your favorite hits and you need to know about her


We are blown away by the creativity and credibility of Skyler Stonestreet, an LA-Based national touring singer/songwriter. Not only did she write “IDGAF” with Dua Lipa, but has also written for The Chainsmokers, Hilary Duff, Bella Thorne, Bea Miller, and so many others. Skyler’s personal singing career is about to explode, as PAPER debuted her newest single “Everything It Wasn’t” and Billboard previously said "With another banger in the bank, it's only a matter of time before Stonestreet starts cashing in."

If you’re a songwriter we highly recommend getting personal with Skyler’s lyricism and fight to give everything she has in the name of music — a genuinely remarkable inspiration for this industry as a whole.

Check it out as we’ve spoken to Skyler directly, and can’t wait to watch her make moves. x

Skyler! Thank you so much for talking with Gold Hand Girls today. To say we’re impressed is an understatement — you're the whole package, and there’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll make a legendary name for yourself! What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date? What’s your biggest goal in life?  

Honestly that’s a hard question bc success can mean so many different things. For me it’s about relationships, friendships and if you can make something that connects with people. I think when you have a song that you write that is on the radio the main take away is the mass amount of people it hits, and through co writing IDGAF (Dua Lipa) the most awesome part was other people relating to the words we wrote. My biggest goal is to be doing music in whatever way I can forever, it’s definitely part of me and I wake up every day excited to create.

How did you get into writing? Would you say location has anything to do with it? 

I started classical piano at age 7, so music was already in my blood somehow (none of my family is in music) but my mom played a ton of records growing up and worked at a radio station. She’s a huge music lover (Bon Jovi is her world haha) and made me practice my piano which I’m so thankful for. I didn’t really realize bc I was so young that I could write my own songs so I would write piano pieces. I had a voice teacher once tell me you should put words to it...see what I did, and that was that. Bye bye classical piano lessons (though I loved you it wasn’t for me forever) and hello to diving into my own self and figuring out what I wanted to say. I do not feel like location had anything to do with it, I think people create all over the world constantly and though I was close to la to move there straight after high school, la is full of everyone across the world which is the most beautiful part of it.

When you work with artists such as Bella Thorne, or Dua Lipa do you take time to get to know them first? Or do you dive straight in and just start writing? Or maybe it’s the opposite and you don’t meet them at all, just vibe off of their already previously written tracks?

 It depends totally on the artist and the song, sometimes you create from square one, sometimes it’s a song that you co wrote that the artist connects with and you go in to make it fit them and their story, it really all depends. I will say Dua is a goddess. She is so talented, so unique and knows what she wants, and I’ve been lucky to be a part of her journey.

What is Everything It Wasn’t inspired by? Do you find it easier to write for yourself, or for other artists? 

 Honestly writing for me is so natural, it’s really just what I’ve always done and do. It’s definitely a form of therapy and having issues with anxiety and feeling too much sometimes ha it’s a way to make something even troubling turn into art. Everything It Wasn’t was inspired by a true story, a past relationship of mine. It was one of those things where you fall fast and really hard until it starts unraveling. I had never been truly hurt by someone in a relationship before that and the problem was once it started to fall apart we both became people we were definitely not. No one stepped up to become the bigger person so it just destroyed itself. (On a happier note we did make amends haha so it’s ok now, but it was one of those big love stories that just didn’t work out)

It’s clear that you’re not just a writer, you’re also a musician destined to go great places. What future plans do you have in store for your music? 

Thank you!!!!! I have a lot of ideas in store, some are a little secret at the moment and are developing and I’m very very excited to share them when ready. Expect a lot new songs soon:)

Keep up with Skyler on Instagram @SkylerStonestreet

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