Woke Korean-American R&B artist Audrey is suddenly everywhere and it's no surprise

Korean-American artist Audrey has recently racked up some seriously notable achievements. From signing to Arista Records last month, to having her most recent single “Time” have over 352K on Spotify, and 38.9K on Youtube it’s safe to say Audrey’s multi-cultural R&B vibe is woke and ready for the world to take notice.

Check out Audrey’s music video for “Time” + Interview below x

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If your life was a song what would the title be?

chihiro. (one of my favorite movie characters)

Some people take social media so seriously. We love your light hearted humor and the way you present and promote yourself on Insta but we have a few questions. - In your description you say “I’m an octopus *” does that have a specific meaning to you? 

HA! i change my bio every 2 weeks or so but this time it was because i was sitting with my cousin reminiscing about our childhood church. these mean little boys at sunday school used to make fun of us and call us “squid” and “octopus” saying i looked like an octopus. i reclaimed it.

How does one get added to your networking highlight with a fun contact name?

my family was too lazy back in 2010 to create separate itunes accounts so all our contacts are synced. i found these, most likely from my mom’s contacts. shoutout to my mom. 

Your single “Time” dropped last month and it’s a JAM! What was the writing process for this song like for you?

thank you! the melody was stuck in my head for over a year. one day my bassist and producer facetimed me and were creating this funky beat - i finished writing it on the car ride to the studio and laid it down. the lyrics came the following week. 


You have an upcoming show in NYC. Good luck! We know you’re going to kill it! What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

i like doing park nine. it’s my fav song of mine. it’s not out yet so it truly lives in a live space. 

Your music videos are so transformative and influential. I mean Party and Yaburnee are a whole damn vibe. Can you talk about the vision and execution while working with the talented Emma Westenberg on the “Time” music video?

i wanted to do a visual representation of the song - a fosters home for imaginary friends type deal. representing these characters who are stuck in limbo - wanting to do something with their lives but never acting towards it. i sent this concept out to a bunch of directors and emma liked the idea. she did her rendition of this and watching her work was so inspiring, especially as someone who wants to start directing videos. 

What does being a young woman in the music industry mean to you? How would you encourage someone wanting to follow in your footsteps in music despite the gross statics?

it’s the fucking best. i don’t ever mind being underestimated, so it’s nothing but fun for me. i would say - join me! the water feels great!

What can we expect next from you?

a project of sorts. my first self directed videos. maybe a haircut?

Check out Audrey’s new music video “Time” and prepare to take on the world!

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