RONIIT IG Takeover + Interview / Single "Fade To Blue"

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Roniit’s dark energy is unlike anything we’ve seen before, a realm we’ve yet to enter. When first hearing her single “Fade To Blue” it sounds like the beginning of a movie soundtrack — sensual, dark and anticipating a heavy lyricism twist. Instead, a heartfelt beat drops and Roniit’s surprising energy turns into a dark twisted pop fantasy. Yeah, we said it! And let’s be real, this is the kind of song you may or may not wanna put on when you’re gettin’ it on. Whatever, at least we’re honest <3

BTW Roniit’s a woman of wonders. Not only did she write, sing on, and produce this single but she ALSO produced, cut, shot, and edited the video as well. Fucking bad. ass.

Check out Roniit’s new music video for “Fade To Blue” + an interview below!

Hi Roniit! Thank you so much for taking the day to talk to us. We just checked out your new music video Fade To Blue and my GOODNESS is it steamy. Can you tell us a little bit about what this song is about? How does the color Blue relate?

Hello, and thanks for having me :) "Fade To Blue" was written about a romantic interest / obsession that I had for several years. This person was a close friend that would occasionally open up to me about their romantic feelings.  It was this back and forth dance for years where we’d have these nights of passion, then all communication would be cut off for months. Every time I would see this person the nights we shared would last until the wee hours of the morning. I would get this sick feeling to my stomach as the sky started to turn blue - knowing that he would disappear as soon as the sun came up. 

Your aesthetic is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before — sensual dark pop. Who inspires your look? Is how you were raised a reflection on your music now?

Aw thank you! I’m really inspired by all the amazing fashion brands out there today. I find we are living in a time where any random person in any country can create and sell their own clothing.  I love supporting artist-made fashion and I’m so inspired by the work of visual artists like Casstronaut and Ashley Joncas.  

Being raised in the mountains in Colorado definitely drives me to live in nature, which inspires my art. I don’t exactly know why my music has always been so dark, but my parents exposed me to a lot of beautiful music as a child. I really latched onto Cirque Du Soleil soundtracks and listened to them on repeat when I was young, so that might have influenced me quite a bit.  

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Does your enneagram type say anything about the way you write? 

I’m definitely more of an extrovert as I tend to get energy from being around my friends, but at the same time I’m also the type of person who will go sit in my car in a parking lot for an hour in the middle of a social event because I find socializing very draining at times.  

I’m an enneagram type two… I see the world through my relationships.  I guess this must be why almost all of my songs are about my relationships with other people and my relationship with myself.  

We’ve read that you used to listen to Death Metal. Were there any females in the Death Metal scene that inspired you? If so, who?

Yes, I certainly did for about 6 years of my life.  It’s funny because most of my favorite bands were led by male vocalists, and when I was younger I really wanted to have an all female death metal band as there were so few women in death metal back then.  But - my favorite female led metal band was always Arch Enemy!  

What does "Fade To Blue" say about your future? What should your fans expect next?

"Fade to Blue" was one of the first few songs I completed for this upcoming album. It definitely displays elements of the direction I’m start to go in with what I’m currently writing. The long instrumental outro in particular has that element of “breaking out of the pop song structure mold”. I know most pop minded people would say “the outro is too long,” but this is the type of thing I really want to do moving forward. I’m not playing by any rules anymore when it comes to writing.  Fans can expect more ethereal songs with long instrumental / vocal (but non lyrical) sections.

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