GHG: What has your experience been like as a woman in the music industry?

Grace: I’ve actually had a really smooth experience. I know I’m privileged in a lot of ways. Truthfully, I’ve had a great experience surrounded by really great people. I’m really lucky.

GHG: Who are your biggest female influences in music and outside of music and why?

Grace: Lily Allen, Florence & the Machine, Rihanna, Lorde, and Nicki Minaj. They’re doing their own thing in a very cool way. They’re all very smart women.

GHG: What are your interests outside of music?

Grace: I love clothes, especially vintage and thrifting and I love animals - that’s it. I don’t have much of a life outside of music.

GHG: Do you own any pets?

Grace: Back at my family we house we have a dog and a chicken that get along really well, it’s so cute.

GHG: Who inspires you in fashion?

Grace: I feel like I’m inspired by everybody, especially a lot of 90s subcultures. 90s movies, 90s hip hop, and skating. – Not that I can skate, but I love the way skaters dress and I think it’s really cool. My favorite designer would have to be Vivian Westwood. I really like people that are able to – Street style is my favorite. I love looking at street style when it’s fashion week. I like when people mix really contrasting things together- something new and designer with something really old and unexpected, it’s my favorite. I think that’s really similar to how I like to listen to music. I like things put together that aren’t logically meant to be together like darker lyrics with a really catchy melody and sunny production.


GHG: Does your fashion change when your touring vs when you’re not?

Grace: Yeah, but just for convenience and laziness more so than anything else. When I’m touring I tend to wear pants just because it’s more comfortable. When I’m at home, I normally wear dresses. Right now I’m actually wearing a dress, but it’s the first time in almost a month.

GHG: How does it feel to perform your songs and have everyone sing along?

Grace: It’s really cool! When people sing along, it’s the best. It’s really the best thing. But that being said, I don’t write my songs to perform them, it’s just something that’s happened along the way that I’ve discovered is very cool.

GHG: Are there any specific tour memories that stick out to you?

Grace: It’s more like specific people – people that we’ve met, or fans, or sometimes you watch someone as you perform and they have the most beautiful look on their face and that’s really special.

GHG: What advice would you give to a girl looking to get into the industry?

Grace: I would say find confidence in yourself if you don’t have it already. Music is really subjective. It’s easy to be swayed by other people’s opinions. If you know something is good/ right or wrong, then you’re 100% correct. If it feels right to you, then it is right.

GHG: What does songwriting look like to you?

Grace: Songwriting is different for every song. Sometimes it starts with the production or the instrumental, other times it starts with the lyrics or a melody or the lyrics and the melody together. It’s really different every time. It’s unpredictable.

GHG: What do the next few years look like to you?


Grace: I’m finishing up an EP. I’ve got a bunch of tours happening this year. I’m headlining in Australia and I’ll probably do a headlining tour in North America at some point. I’m working on music. I really want to start writing and producing for other artists. Hopefully win a Grammy!


Author – Cayla Dunn

BbyQuail (Cayla Dunn) is pursuing a career in the music business and in photography. She is inspired most by the lack of women in both the music industry and photography. She is incredibly passionate about music, female empowerment, and self-expression. You can probably find her taking photos at the gig, hiding out doing work in a local coffee shop, or getting lost searching for new music.

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