how you dress can be who you are

by gwen rose harris

As someone who studies Fashion Design, its safe to say I’m pretty into clothes. There’s nothing I love more than throwing something on that makes me feel like ME. But whether we dress for comfort, to fit in, to stand out, or just for fun, its clear that what we wear can be a damn powerful tool. 

The fashion industry is a huge, creative hub that’s buzzing with positivity and inspiration, but its also full of do’s and don’ts. There are endless rules about which colours go with our skin, which clothes should be worn by our body types, and what to never ever wear – just open any issue of Vogue. 

Having never been someone to really ‘fit in’, I love nothing more than to stick a big middle finger up to this. So here are five of my own fashion tips. Whether you’re loud and proud or more of a wallflower, your clothes should make you feel fabulous, and here’s how to do it. 

Introduce some colour

If you’re anything like me, when you take a look at your wardrobe, you’ll realize most of it’s black. Black can be chic and easy to wear and let’s face it, it goes with everything. But the beauty of dressing colourfully is that your clothes don’t have to “go” with eachother! If you like to make a statement then I challenge you to clash your colourful items in the same outfit. Throw on some rainbow stripes and you’ll radiate happiness to everyone you see. If you’re new to wearing colour, start small. Opt for a bright t-shirt rather than your usual black/white, or start with a black-based print that introduces little bits of colour. 

Be yourself, not somebody else

Comparison kills creativity! Find what YOU feel good in. Instead of trying to dress like someone else, take a look around and see what clothes you’re drawn to. Try them on, do you feel good in them? Sometimes going up or down a couple of sizes can make all the difference. If you wear your clothes with confidence, nobody will question you!

Don’t under estimate a sassy pair of shoes

For me, comfort is key in what I choose to wear. I think some girls look great in a sleek, heeled shoe with a pointed toe but unfortunately, that just ain’t me. I feel most myself in my dirty trainers. But why not try swapping your everyday for something a bit more ‘out there’ for once? It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! I LOVE to transform my outfit with a pair of bright ankle boots, or a sassy sock. It’s so liberating to wear something comfortable that stands out, and to totally pull it off with confidence. 

It’s the little things

Sometimes the little things make all the difference in an outfit. You can take your look from 50% to 100% by adding some rad accessories. If you’re after some ideas: statement earrings, sunglasses, socks and belts are a great way to make an easy outfit look well thought out. This is also a great way to start introducing colour and print into your wardrobe.

Do it yourself

A great way to be sure that you’re one of a kind is to have a go at creating your own clothing. Try customizing a plain t-shirt with embroidery, or knit your own weird scarf. Because why not??? Crafting is a great way to practice self care whilst actually producing something useful. Some of the coolest clothing looks great simply because it has a handmade/customized feel, and there’s no reason you can’t do that yourself. Paint that old leather jacket! Glitter up those shoes! 

Be bold and be gold.


author, gwen rose harris

Forged from Diet Coke and hair dye, Gwen is a part time fashion design student and full time creative nerd. She loves to support her local music scene, and can often be found mysteriously hunched over a guitar. Gwen enjoys making stuff, glitter and listening to loud vinyl. She’s handy with a needle and thread, but can't be trusted with your house plants!

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