FESTIVAL REVIEW: GHG sends Creative Director Averi Campbell to take on Fashion Meets Music Festival

by averi campbell

FMMF 2017 BBY 




This year’s Fashion Meets Music Festival took place in Columbus Ohio at Fortress Obetz, a stadium and motor speedway that opened less than a year ago. As you can probably tell by the name, Fashion Meets Music was a festival that combines (you guessed it) fashion shows and performances from both local and big name artists.



This festival was one that had something for everyone, resulting in a phenomenal overall experience. Music This years lineup ranged anywhere from Michelle Branch to Fetty Wap, and had everything under the sun in between. With such a wide genre variety, the result was people of all musical preferences coming together to enjoy the one thing that brought them together; music!

Fashion Coming into FMMF, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the Fashion side of the festival, but it turned out being one of my favorite parts of the weekend! Each fashion show was different, some boho, some runway fashion, and some street style. What was really cool about this portion of the festival is that they included both big name and local models and designers. At the end of the last fashion show, FMMF even offered a scholarship to a young female designer (okay how cool is that). The fashion at this festival was a very inspiring part of this weekend, and made for a flawless transition between sets.





had two main stages separated by a fashion runway, and one smaller stage near the entrance of the stadium. This festival did an amazing job spacing out their acts so that the audience could be at every show they desired without rushing, and so that there was no noise interruption during a performance. FMMF gave viewers the headliners of a big festival, with the intimacy of a small festival, giving fans the opportunity to be up close and personal during each show.

A few personal favorites of mine this weekend were Tegan & Sara, DNCE, and T Pain. Each of these performances were electric, and had total audience engagement. With each set I was able to soak up the energy from the roaring crowd behind me and become totally and completely engulfed, which was an incredible experience to have.



Hoping to see ya next year FMMF! (Join me?)


Averi Campbell, Author

Averi is the Creative Director for Gold Hand Girls


Averi Campbell is an art student, multi-musician, and all around music enthusiast. Any indie garage band or badass girl band puts her in a daze, and that sound has carried over into the music she creates herself. Music and art have played a huge role in her life and she is very fortunate to have encountered so many fearless and driven women, both in the arts and music industry, all which have impacted the woman and artist she is today.

Instagram: @avepcam

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